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  Articles relevant to a Marxian analysis of politics

Timelines - anniversaries for activists
Useful for planning radical activities

A Timeline for anniversaries  1917 & 1967&2017
A Timeline for anniversaries  1916 & 1966&2016
A Timeline for anniversaries  1915 & 1965&2015

Australian Issues

Blue Bans - How workers and their unions saved the Qld Great Barrier Reef - By Alison Stewart
Menzies Cold War - A reinterpretation by LJ Louis 2001
    Menzies Cold War - Ch 1-4
    Menzies Cold War - Ch 5
    Menzies Cold War - Ch 6-9
    Menzies Cold War - ref
Merle Thornton - Bringing the Fight - at Uni of Qld
Slavery in Australia
- K. Dallas
Rethinking Terra Nullius
- a paper by Merete Borsch in 1996
Re-igniting the struggle
- draft of a paper advocating a Brisbane Workers Assembly, by Dave Eden
Occupy Brisbane 2012 - an assessment by Dave Eden
Howard’s Grave Diggers - Michael Connors writes on Australian unions and their challenges
Geneology of the term "Terra Nullius" - an article by Andrew Fitzmaurice in 2007 on the term "terra nullius"
Who was Jack Simpson - a polemical pamphlet on the working class origins of Simpson (of the donkey fame)
Jack Simpson - red hot unionist - a poster
Shooting Koalas and the fur industry 1927 -article by N.L. Howlett
The rich in Sydney during the depression era - article by Drew Cottle
The Australian left and the ANZAC tradition - talk and article by David Faber 2015
The myths of pluralism - article by John Playford
A new use for central Australia - ironic article in 1917 on war and central Australia
Mining Tax - talk by Joe Collins at Eureka Dinner

Australian History - colonisation
   Founding of Australia - book edited by Ged Martin, 1978
   Founding of Australia - debate over Dallas argument
   Cook in Australia - extract from Vincent Harlow. 1952

Australian History & politics - federation & Later
   Colonial Office and Australian Constitution - de Garis 1969
   Lord Glyndyne and the loan market - by Davenport -Hynes 1988
   The Australia Acts 1986 - by Tony Blackshield in Oxford Companion to Aust High Court

Australian History - Ken Dallas papers and books
   bio of Ken Dallas
   Dallas on Blainey
   Dallas on Slavery in OZ
   Dallas on trading posts and first settlement in Australia
   Dallas on Horse power (1968)
        Dallas on coach horses
        Dallas on farm horses
        Dallas on half-breed horses
        Dallas on horse in war
        Dallas on origins of the horse
    Dallas on Trading Posts or  Penal Colonies, 1969
        Dallas Trading Posts Intro & Ch 1 and 2
        Dallas  Chp 3 and 4
        Dallas Ch 5 & 6 on Whaling
        Dallas Ch7 on convicts
        Dallas Ch 8 Conclusion and Index

Black Resistance

Introduction to the book "Black Resistance" published in 1977, and scanned chapters from the book
Defending Australia from the Pink Peril  -  Humphrey McQueen lecture in 1973 on Black Resistance
When is our Day
  -  Humphrey McQueen Arena Mag, 2019 on origin of the book "Black Resistance"
Chapters from "Black Resistance", pub 1977 by Widescope, authors Fergus Robinson and Barry York
   Chapter 1 - Intro 
   Chapter 2 NSW
   Chapter 3 Tasmania
   Chapter 4 Victoria
   Chapter 5 Queensland
   Chapter 6 South Aust
   Chapter 7 Missions - native police
   Chapter 8 West Aust
   Chapter 9 NT

Indigenous Issues
Slavery in Australia - K. Dallas
Aboriginal Land Rights - Judicial approaches in perspective by RD Lumb
Journey to Pulykara - Hunters and Gatherers - by Richard Gould, 1970
Desert Pea - Instructions for making - from
review of Dark Emu  and controversy over Aboriginal agriculture by Ian Keen, 2021
Plunkett and the Myall Creek criminals - by John Moloney 1973
Peter Sutton review of Dark Emu - 2021

Clarrie O'Shea

Clarrie O'Shea Document Collection  -  Among the several remarkable features of the 1960s struggles against the Penal Powers is that no full-length account has been published. These documents offer a mass of secondary sources, mostly academic and legal. There are also a few primary sources.

Queensland Comrades Speak

Interviews and transcripts - 20 interviews with former members of the Communist Party of Australia about thier political work during the 1940s and 1950s - a time when the influence and support of communist ideas and leadership was very high in Australia.  Both audio interviews and transcripts are available here.

General Politics

Elizabeth Warren - new face of US Democrats - Economist article detailing the new agenda by her section of the Democrat Party
The Family, sex and marriage  by Lawrence Stone - a history of the economic basis of marriage over the period 1500 - 1800
The Long Con a 2015 book review by Jackson Lears : The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organised Wealth and Power by Steve Fraser
Promoting PLutocracy a 2015 review of US regime-change practice and impact on democratic rightsin recent times - by Stephen Gowans
Paper Tiger Finance by Hung Ho-Fang - a review of Walter & Howie's Red Capitalism: Fragile foundation of China's rise
Reviews on Stalin - A review article on books about the causes and consequences of Stalinism, published in 2009
History of Crisis Theories - a general introduction by Anwar Shaikh on the history of theories of crisis
Class analysis of the 1979 Iranian revolution by Satyananda Gabriel
Problems in China - from the Economist October 2015
Problems in China II - from the Economist October 2015

Problems and Analysis of Capitalism

Article on how Marx has a lot to teach todays politicians  in The Economist, May 2017
Crisis of faith in capitalism
   article in Time Magazine in 2016 by Rana Foroohar
Using Human Nature - the Advertising Industry:   by Merle Curti - a history of the advertising industry reliance on changing ideas of human nature
Worldwide shipping industry and its cost pressures:   from Wikipedia - a tutorial on the Baltic Dry index - the price for shipping raw materials and the collapse of this price in the past 10 years - a backgrounder to the changes of employment on the waterfront.
Financial oligopolies and the control of tech startups:   by William Cohen - an article from Fortune magazine on the underlying control of big financial capital over the much hyped tech startups
Capital and the Production of Needs:   by Michael Lebowitz
Marx's Falling Rate of Profit - a Dialectical View:
  by Michael Lebowitz

Crisis in capitalism - November 2015
     Articles in The Economist Nov 2015
ABC, Foreign Affairs and Indonesia 1966-69   A 2003 analysis of the Australian Foreign Affairs Dept and ABC coverage of the Indonesian crisis of 1965-69 by Karim Najjarine & Drew Cottle.
Boer Camps - An analysis of modernisation in the context of the Boer War British concentration camps, and also exposes the horrific loss of life of the Boer families in these camps
Raw Materials Supply - A history of the supply of raw materials during the industrial revolution, and its relevance to the growth of capital during that period.
Serf or Slave - A discussion of the development of serfdom, and the relationship between the proportions of labour to land in relation to this.
Fair Value Accounting - A lecture  by Prof Rob Bryer, Warwick Business School, of direct relevance to the Glabal Financial system.
Professing In-Equality - Some interesting Press quots on equality and inequality - revealing the values of the politicians who have uttered them.
Financial Sytem - Current Notes - A series of powerpoint slides of a talk by Claudio Borio, Manager in the Bank of International Settlements - "The financial cycle, the debt trap, and financial stagnation" - an insight into the minds of the financial bourgeoise.
Mineral Rents - A history of the development of laws for property rights in mining - during the mineral boom in  Nevada, USA in the 1860s.
Finance Capital and the GFC - A summary of technical terms associated with finance capital - transcribed from a special edition of Historial Materialism - Symposium in 2009 on the Global Financial Crisis
Factory Discipline in the Industrial Revolution - An article by Sydney Pollard detailing the disciplining of industrial workers in England in the 1770s.  Relevant to the story of working class under current capitalism.
Bank of International Settlements - Report by Manager 2014  Outlines three policies he recommends to "step out of the crisis" - one major voice of international finance.
LIBOR Explained - A review article in London Review of Books, 2008 by Donald Mackenzie
Speculation in Iron Ore Prices - A two part article in Spiegel Online from 1st June, 2010 on the speculation in iron ore prices being driven by multinational iron-ore miners in Australia and the finance capital behind them - and the danger that this could lead to another dangerous "speculative bubble"
Marx's Economics: A Dual theory of value and growth ? - from a book chapter by Michio Morishima
What Keeps Capitalism Going? - Michael Lebowitz’ essay on why capitalism continues to grow
Somewhere a Banker Smiles - Joe Bageant writes about the wealthy, ruling elite under capitalism
The Capitalist Workday - Michael Lebowitz writes about work under capitalism and socialism
Housework Under Capitalism - Cindy L’Hirondelle examines the free labour of housework
State, Capital and Economic Policy - Chapter 1 State Management of Labour Power - an extract from the book by Suzanne de Brunhoff
State, Capital and Economic Policy - Chapter 2 State Management of Money - an extract from the book by Suzanne de Brunhoff
Gold: Durability of a Barbarous Relic - an essay by Peter Cochrane in 1981 on gold as a measure of value.
From the Gold Standard to the Floating Dollar Standard - an essay by Ramaa Vasudevan from Colorado University in 2008, - an appraisal in the light of Marx's Theory of Money.
Employees each mine a $1 million seam - an extract from an article in the Australian Financial Review, May 2011 by Adrian Rollins on the capital generated by each mining worker in Australia

Book Reviews, Art & Culture

Still Working - Review of the book, Modern Times, Ancient Hours, by Pietro Basso
Revolutionary Art - Dedication speech by Mike Alewitz for the Labor Art and Mural Project
Dialectics for the New Century - Introduction to new Bertell Ollman book on dialectics
All Quiet on the Western Front - a review by Modris Eksteins - war, memory & politics
The Crises of Democratic Capitalism - by Wolfgang Streeck