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  Articles relevant to a Marxian analysis of Environmental Issues

Western District - an archeology     Aboriginal settlement in the Vic Western district, by Heather builth
The Production of Nature
- Marxist geographer Neil Smith chaper on how capitalism produces nature and so there is no distinction between huamns and nature.  Extract from his book "Nature, Capital, and the Production of Space".
Does Ecology Need Marx? - Martha Jimenez writes about the ecology and Marxism
Marxism & Ecology - An article by John Bellamy Foster on ecological roots of Marxism
George Seddon & Karl Marx - essay by Peter Beilharz on "Nature and second nature"
Delayed Ice Ages - An article in Nature magazine and paper on how CO2 levels influence the occurrence of ice ages.
Sea and Summer - review of George Turner's 1987 environmental catastrophe novel, by Andrew Milner
Le Roy Madurie - Meteorology and Climate change- Mike Davison Madurie's perspective on climate and social history
History and Climate - Le RoyMadurie classic analysis (in French) - 1959