Five Pillars
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Blue Bans - How workers and their unions saved the Qld Great Barrier Reef - By Alison Stewart
Dinny McQueen - making of an Australian working man - by Humphrey McQueen
Fifty Years of Tanning - Dinny McQueen's story
Industrial conflict in 1800s in Wales - the Scotch Cattle - an article in the Welsh History Review by D.V. Jones
Call for US unions to take up the fight against Capital - by Garret Keizer in Harpers Mag, Sept 2018
Archbishop of Canterbury supports unions and addresses TUC - article in The Times Sept 13, 2018
Uber - growth of a new corporate giant and insecure work practices - article in Fortune mag 2015
Letter to Canberra Times - poverty, penalty rates and equality - Peter Curtis
Cutting Edge brain technologies in 21st century - article in Foreign Policy mag by Tim Requarth
New aspects of corporate restructuring - article by Geoff Colvin in Fortune mag
New technology - manipulating our DNA - the Gene Hackers - article by Michael Specter in New Yorker
Realities of welfare "reform" - getting jobbed - Harpers mag article by Virginia Sole-Smith
New technology  - materials innovations in current capitalism article in The Economist by Paul Markillie
Technology innovation & 3D Printing by Aaron Tilley in Forbes magazine
Review of Negri book on Italy "civil war" in 1970s by Andrew Robinson in Historical Materialism journal
Tronti, Italian workerism, and Max Weber - article by Sara Farris 2011
Foundations of Italian "workerist" Marxism - article by Zanini, 2010
The impact of tools on the human mind - paper by anthropologist Dietrich Stout in 2016
The 1913 Silk Strike - "Labour's schoolhouse" - Lessons of the 1913 Patterson Silk Strike in New Jersey, US by Garret Keiser

Constant Revolutionising - Humphrey McQueen Book Draft 2015
          Introduction and Contents
          Chapter 1 - The Electronic Whip
          Chapter 2 - Communist Mode
          Chapter 3 - Debates
          Chapter 4 - Booming to Bust
          Chapter 5 - Accords
          Chapter 6 - De-Valorisation
          Chapter 7 - Socialism
          Background Material - AI War Brain
          Background Material - Corporate Restructure
          Background Material - Gene Hackers
          Background Material - Jobbed Harpers
          Background Material - New Materials
          Background Material - Things to Come

  The BLF - Never Powerless - A short introduction to the Builders Labourers Federation - "Never Powerless" - lessons for the 21st Century, by Brian Boyd
The BLF - Lessons for the 21st Century - a lengthy document with articles by 6 former BLF members on the story of the BLF in the 1970s & 1980s
The Workers Audit - An audit of Qld finances by a group of "angry workers" to expose the inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the current (July 2012) Qld Govt audit of finances
The Gap Between Work and Choice - David Peetz analyses Work Choices and its effects on workers

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