The Global Financial Crisis - a perspective by Australian Marxist historian, Humphrey McQueen
[These articles were originally published on the Workers Bush Telegraph.]

No.01 Exploitation leads to over-consumption
No.02 Not socialism
No.03 Don't pick on bankers
No.04 How to lose a trillion
No.05 McValue
No.06 The market for futures
No.07 The housing question
No.08 Globalisation
No.09 Not October 1929
No.10 A fiction on fictional capital
No.11 19 October 1987
No.12 If she blows
No.13 False Nobel
No.14 Greed
No.15 To be a dinosaur
No.16 China: Statistical Inflation
No.17 Back to the plan
No.18 A Revolution is not a Dinner Party
No.19 Fascism
No.20 Capitalising the Banks
No.21 Reformism
No.22 Mass Murdoch
No.23 Thesis Eleven
No.24 Pensions
No.25 The Very Right-Wing Rev. Rudd
No.26 Swindle Inc. [15 December 2008]
No.27 How bad can it get? [16 December 2008]
No.28 Crisis! What crisis? [11 February 2009]
No.29 Never mind the quantity - feel the thinness [11 February 2009]
No.30 Priorities [12 February 2009]
No.31 Regulation-proof Builders [12 February 2009]

No.32 Capital [15 February 2009]
No.33 Marx on Crises [16 February 2009]
No.34 Turnovers [16 February 2009]

[wait for more to be published]