Index to Surplus Value Issue No.1:
[Articles are not necessarily listed in the order they appear in the journal]

Contributed articles
- The Winds of Change
AIM for Socialism - the original aims of the Australian Independent Marxists
Are You Being Served - Naturalisation of Capitalist Bias In Australian Society
Articles from other web sites
Howard’s Grave Diggers - Michael Connors writes on Australian unions and their challenges
The Gap Between Work and Choice - David Peetz analyses Work Choices and its effects on workers
Why Socialism? - Albert Einstein’s Monthly Review article expressing his belief in socialism
What Keeps Capitalism Going? - Michael Lebowitz’ essay on why capitalism continues to grow
Somewhere a Banker Smiles - Joe Bageant writes about the wealthy, ruling elite under capitalism
Still Working - Review of the book, Modern Times, Ancient Hours, by Pietro Basso
Revolutionary Art - Dedication speech by Mike Alewitz for the Labor Art and Mural Project
Bono’s Bullshit - Dave Marsh’s satirical take on celebrity aid projects
Poetry - A regular feature dedicated to revolutionary and working class poetry
Communism in Verse - by Eric Petersen
Productivity Bargaining Blues - author unknown
In Memory of the Paris Commune - by Walter Crane
- A regular feature to test your word skills. They will generally have a Marxist flavour/theme