A.I.M. for ... Socialism

The Australian Independent Marxists is a circle of comrades interested in discussion and analysis of the current world situation, the struggle for change, and the form and workings of a future socialist society.

We take as our starting point a belief in Marxism as the most-valid and effective tool of analysis available for an understanding of the workings of capitalism, and for the struggle for socialism.  We also believe that class issues are central to this analysis.

AIM has the following general aims and methods:

  1. To be a forum for discussion and analysis of issues relating to capitalism and socialism
  2. To use Marxist dialectics as the primary analytical tool
  3. To analyse the current situation, address issues of tactics, and discuss issues relating to the future form of society and its workings
  4. To reach out to and include everyday workers and other strata of society in these discussions and activities

AIM believes that the Left has been too reactive in the last few years (long on protesting, but short on analysing) and needs to become more-constructive in proposing ways forward.  The ruling class still sees the Left as its rreeal threat, despite its rhetoric of “the end of History”, the Islamic threat, etc.

Central to our analysis will be the economic foundations of society, and the role of class in the workings of capitalist society.
Although we are not aligned to any party, we welcome involvement by comrades from parties and other organisations who share our aims and methods.