Dust Capital

Well! 1993 is here - the rich are
   getting richer -
And Pollies know the score real well-
   just acting as a "fixer"!
The unemployed can't understand
   what's happened to the system -
Though karl Marx wrote
   Das Capital - but very few
   would listen!
From '29 to'39 The Great Depression
   ravaged -
The working Class of AussieLand -
   their living standards savaged!
The cause - of course - the wall
   Street Crash -
When Slaves became but Garbage
Das Capitals world famed ballon
   had finally gone bust -
And Stock Exchanges round the
   World - had failed the money lust!
Well! like i said - it's '93 and
   so it's on again -
Recession now - to fool the folk -
   though just another name!
Das Capital is still the same -
   exploits you one by one -
As bigger fish eat smaller fish -
   Monopoly has won!
Right now the clock of histroy once
   more it will repeat -
The failure of Das Capital - in
   ultimate defeat!

written by gordon castle
mosman park, W.A. 22/10/93
source: The B.L - summer 1993