Notes to poem: The Song of the Shirt

g'day friends
don't know whether poetry says anything to youse, but this poem by thomas hood is a powerful reminder of where our [oz & brit] faction of the working class as come from & if capital wins out with AWA's & $10's & lest per hour. Then 'tis where we're heading for again.
this poem by tom hood was published in the london punch in 1843 & while thru our heroic & deadly hard struggles, we achieved boozh-wah rights steadily i.e. until about 1980 when the neocons went on the offensive [while we slumbered] sucking us into their slow moving whirlpool & drowning those hard won rights year by year. nevertheless the song of the shirt cud well be written [may be it is] today about working conditions of workers working on the southern periphery of the imperial core.
jim sharp