Editorial in Surplus Value Issue No.2

This is the second of our newsletters. The initial edition was issued about this time last year, so it’s been a while between editions. What we lack in numbers we hope is made up for in quality.

You will note that there has been a change of our organisation’s name. The first newsletter was produced in the name of the Australian Independent Marxists (AIM). This was the creation of a few activists interested in furthering the ideas and practice of Marxism.

Because of growing interest, we have changed the name to The Praxis Network to reflect a desire to become a broader coalition of like-minded individuals and organisations coming together loosely under a Marxist banner.

We have also decided to call it a journal because of the nature of the articles included (often lengthy analytical rather than shorter news items). Whilst our aims establish us as Marxists, there is no requirement that articles be from a Marxist perspective. Our main aim is to publish contributed articles which foster discussion or reflect an opinion in the broader progressive movement, and which contribute to developing our understanding of the current situation or to developing strategies for political change.

Ultimately, as the editor, I take responsibility for what is included. However, my role is one of facilitator, not director. So choice of articles will reflect my honest attempt at putting together material that I think most readers would find of interest, which will further our aims, or which active contributors ask to be included.

Generally, all articles and contributions will be attributed to the person who wrote them. However, some contributors may wish to remain anonymous. Even though this is not the 50’s, capital still has the power and the will to destroy working people who pose a threat to their privileges.

Since our first edition, we have also set up a web site. This is still very new and so has a lot of development work to be done before it can do justice to our aims. But in the not-too-distant future, we hope it will become an active site for publishing information, engaging in dialogue, and notifying of events.

Please feel free to contact us via the web site or our email address. Also, please feel free to contribute articles or opinions or feedback about this journal.

Adrian Pollock
May 2008