NSW Water Board inspector Buckley told the NSW ICAC on 1 September that he never thought of the packets of money he had taken from construction firms as corrupt but ‘just part of the industry’.

How right he was.

In 1995, Leighton’s CEO, Wal King, justified his companies’ use of false invoices to conceal price-fixing as ‘the culture and custom that had been longstanding in the industry that had been handed on for years’. So had King’s excuse. In 1911, the NSW MBA justified its members’ involvement in illegal commissions by saying they ‘should be openly recognised’ as ‘universal and worldwide’. Transfield’s co-founder and arts patron, Franco Belgiorno-Nettis, confessed to covering up corruption and strong-arm tactics ‘with a veneer of civilisation’.

Why is it that this ‘culture’ among the bosses has to be exposed by the ICAC and not by the ABCC with its tens of millions to terrorise the likes of Ark Tribe whose crime is to protect the health and safety of his workmates?