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  Articles, audio and video relevant to a Marxian analysis of science    

History of Science

Spontaneous Generation and the Origin of life
- a book chapter by John Farley.
Bragg in Adelaide
Famous Nobel-prize winning X-Ray Chrystallographers Bragg (father and son) developed these revolutionary ideas while in Adelaide.  This paper explores this history
The Unscientific Method - New Scientist article by van Gilder Cooke in 2016 on the flawed research based on unconscious biases  
Publish and Perish - Article in The Economist 2016 on how poor scientific methods leads to bad science.
Cosmology and the meaning of sundials - Book chapter by Jim Bennett on the depth of detail and understanding in the eraly development of sundials, and associated iRenaissance instruments.
History of Science in European tradition- Brian Cox
Historians of science and hegemony - Gramsci revisited- Nieto-Galan, 2011
Prehistory of Newton's Principia from 1664 to 1686- Whiteside, 1991
Selling Newton - science in 18th century England- Larry Stewart, 1986

Science and Society
The Social and Economic Roots of Newton's Principia - Famous lecture by Boris Hessen in 1931 at international History of Science conference
Social and Economic Roots of Hessen - Analysis of Boris Hessen, marxism and Soviet science in 1930s by Loren Graham in 1985
Review of the work of Stephen Jay Gould - extended review by Richard Lewontin 2008
Exposition of new concept of the capitalocene - by Jason Moore 2014
The Capitalocene as against the Anthropocene - by Daniel Hartley 2015
The social impetus for technological change - paper by Nathan Rosenberg 1969

Science and Marxism
Dialectics and Systems Theory- Richard Levins, 1998
Marx on the dialectics of elliptical motion- Thomas Weston, 2012
Original outline of general systems theory- Original text in 1950 by Ludwig von Bertalanffy