Towards Socialism

The Praxis Network and Surplus Value are initiatives of some thinkers and activists around Australia who recognise the value and relevance of Marxism as an analytical and organizational tool.  Our initial plan is to build a network of groups and individuals to share ideas, educate ourselves, and to encourage and be involved in dialogue with others, particularly those in the organised labour movement, but also the broader community.  We trust that others may be interested in joining in this initiative.

Our aims are threefold: 

To give effect to these aims, we recognise that:

Our strategies must be based on the lives and experiences of everyday Australian people – both workers, and those currently dependent on social security – rather than on a dogmatic or idealist assertion of “political and conceptual truths”

We must engage in constructive dialogue with a range of people with the intention of achieving clarity on questions and problems that confront our movement

We need to be self-critical, open to disagreement, and willing to accept a diversity of opinion, but within the general framework of our aims.

The labour movement and progressive sections of the broader community need to be able to understand and respond to the crises and impacts of capital in a globalised world. We believe Marxism offers a practical guide and tool for analysis and action in addressing this.

Our aim is not to form another group, faction or sect, but to bring people and organisations together in a loose network which we have called The Praxis Network.  In adopting this name, we do not intend it to be a reflection of any particular strand of Marxist thought or earlier use by particular groups or journals. This name simply reflects our desire to meld theory and practice within the context of a critical understanding of Marxism. 

If you wish to contribute to our initiative, please contact us or spread the word to your friends and organisations. As part of this initiative, we have established this newsletter, a website, and an email group for discussions and the dissemination of information.  With your help, we hope that justice can be done to the aims we have set ourselves.