confidential registered letter

28Balgowlah Road
Fairlight NSW
19th September, 1950

The Rt. Hon. R. G. Menzies
Prime Minister of Australia

The purpose of this letter is not a political matter, but to respectfully inform you that
the opportunity has been given me to join the Communist Party, and it is intended that I do so. The sole reason for joining is to take the possible opportunity of informing the Government of the activities of this organisation. In view of the proposed legislation dealing with the dissolution of Communists I desire to respectfully inform you of my intentions.

Such a letter as this, however, does not convince that my intentions are bona fide.

My activities are open to investigation. My occupation is a Patrol Officer, Territory of Papua-New Guinea, and I am at present attending a two year course at the Australian School of Pacific Administration, Mosman, Sydney.

Communist Party ideas are not and never will be part of my beliefs, but I have often
spoken to members of the party lately without disagreeing with them, as I desired to deliberately form a friendship, for the reason mentioned earlier.

I respectfully request, Sir, that hits letter be treated confidentially, and that the authorities's address be forwarded so that I can inform them of anything I ascertain concerning this Communist Party, and its activities.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
yours respectfully and obediently,
Jack Emanuel

28th September, 1950

Dear Mr Emanuel,
The Prime Minister has directed me to acknowledge a confidential letter which he received from you recently.

Mr Menzies has asked that I pass on to you the name of Colonel C.C. F. Spry, the Director-General of Security, to whom any information relating to subversive activities should be conveyed.

Correspondence will reach Colonel Spry if addressed to Box 4880, G.P.O., Sydney.

Yours sincerely,
(E. M. Wilkinson)
Private Secretary  

cover note typed:
Mr Menzies

Draft only --

Says he is joining Commos to know what is going on and wants to know to whom to impart information

handwritten in pencil:
copy and copy Emanuel and Spry  then in shorthand

9th October
Colonel C.C.F. Spry, D.S.O.,
Director-General of Security.

(For your information in case the writer should communicate with you.)

(E.M. Wilkinson)
Private Secretary