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  Articles, audio and video relevant to a general Marxian analysis, including discussion of Marxist texts.

Marx & Engels Writing

Capital Vol 1 Moscow Publishers Edition
Capital Vol 1 Penguin Edition
Capital Vol 2 Penguin Edition
Capital Vol 3 Penguin Edition
The Communist Manifesto
Engels' Anto-During
Wage Labour & Capital
Theories of Surplus Value
Dispute over Everyman Translation of Capital
Everyman Translateors Preface of Capital
Marx & Engels to German Communists 1846
Definitions in Marx's work

Marxist Analysis

Marx's "Accounting" solution to the transformation Problem - Bryer, 2008
John Clare and Karl Marx - a comparison of an analysis of money by Karl Marx and poet John Clare
A Capital Reading Course - by Polylux - series of slides to assist a reading of Capital
A Thatcherite finds Marx - the Middle-Class Squeeze
Bruce McFarlane: the consummate Marxist - an essay by Rajah Rasiah
Marx and the Machine? - Donald Mackenzie writes about Marxism and the role of the development of technology  in the growth of capitals.
Why Socialism? - Albert Einstein’s Monthly Review article expressing his belief in socialism
The Tempest of History - Terry Eagleton's engaging article on the need for socialism
Wage Robbery - or How Surplus Value is made - A short article published in a 1965 edition of the BLF journal, explaining surplus value and class politics. An excellent example of political education in a workers journal.
Why Socialism Did Not Fail - Sharat Lin analyses why socialism did not fail in the USSR
History of Crisis Theories - a general introduction by Anwar Shaikh on the history of theories of crisis


Econometric Model & Historical Materialism - two different approaches to analysing society
Oscar Lange & Historical Materialism - an essay
Dialectics & Systems Theory - by Richard Levins
Model Building in Population Biology - by Richard Levins
Problem of Miracles in 1830s: Lyell and Babbage - essay by Walter Cannon
Behaviour, Purpose and Teleology - essay by Norbert Wiener and others
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 1&2 - Praxis and Marxism   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 4 - Dialectic  of Nature?   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 5 - Consciousness as reflection of nature   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 6 - Bsae and superstructure   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 7 - Is Marxism Deterministic   by John Hoffman, 1975
Marxism and the Theory of Praxis Ch 9 - Praxis and Positivism   by John Hoffman, 1975

Michael Lebowitz

Analysis of misinterpretations of Marx's Critique of Gotha Program - written in Science & Society, 2007
Marxian Thoery of Crisis - an essay 1994
Lebowitz, class conflict and Labour value theory - an essay by Ben Fine, 2008
Lebowitz response to Ben Fine - 2010