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Sonia Shar  - Microbes Animals and us - habitat loss and epidemics - pub The Nation, 2019
Peter Doherty on Sentinel Chickens - what birds tell us about our health and the world - pub 2012
Sonia Shah writes about the Destruction of wildlife habitat & virus pandemics - March 2020
Ian Angus on Superbugs in the Anthropocene - written in 2019
Mike Davis  extracts from The Monster at our Door : Global Threat of Avian Flu (2005)
     Preface: Piety
     Chapter 1: Evolution's Fast Lane - (Pandemics and Asian Flu),  and Conclusion: Year of the Rooster, 2005
     Chapter 7: The Triangle of Doom - Plague
     Chapter 8: Plague and Profit - The corporate profit makers
Poisonous Food Industries - The Judith Wright Address by Humphrey McQueen in April 2019
The Health Gap in an unequal world - Book review by Bee Wilson of the Michael Marmot book "The Health Gap"
Medicare USA - on its last legs - Harpers Magazine article from 2016 by Trudy Lieberman
Sustainability and Prevention in health care - lessons from Wales, UK on thier public policy initiatives
Pharma-geddon - an article in Fortune magazine about the concentration of capital in the pharmacy retail industry in US
Human Nature and Advertising - a history of the uses of human nature by the advertising industry
Brain Food - manipulation of our food desires
Salt in food and the Food Industry
Biography of Richard Titmuss - social policy pioneer in UK
Processed food and human health
Healthcare is not a commodity - article by H. McQueen
Big Pharma and US Drugstores - "Pharmageddon" - an article from Fortune Magazine, Feb 2016
Sustainability and Prevention in Healthcare - lessons from Wales - an article in the MUA journal Feb 2016

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